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Your wanderlust may have you looking for a short getaway, a bespoke adventure or a celebration holiday. I can help with all of that! Now is the time to book that custom itinerary, so get ready to make memories.

Flight & Accommodation

Seeking to explore the wonders of the United States, escape to a sunny beach, go on a spa retreat or visit historical sites? I can book your flights and match you to the perfect hotel or resort. Now is the time to book that vacation.


Cruising is a wonderful way to see the world while relaxing on your floating resort. Ocean cruising, Expedition cruising or River cruising enable you to visit many destinations while never leaving your hotel. Discover the difference I can make.

Multi-Destination Adventures

Exploring history, culture, food or adventure? I can work with you to create the experience of a lifetime. Each journey is uniquely crafted to exceed your expectations. I am your advocate in all phases of trip planning.

About Me

Veronica E. Dempster

President, Custom Vacations by Veronica

Independent affiliate of Travel Edge

Travel is about making memories with friends and family. My passion is to bring together the best travel experiences with exceptional service for my clients. I have worked in the travel industry for my entire professional career and have always had a passion for planning and delivering the best experiences. Whether you are seeking a new adventure or to add a twist to a vacation, I can help you plan that perfect getaway.

Custom Vacations by Veronica is an affiliate of Travel Edge, the largest luxury focused agency in North America, and a member of Virtuoso the “by invitation only” network of luxury travel advisors. I believe in continuous training and have obtained my MBA and CTA (Certified Travel Associate Certificate). When working with a client I put all of my expertise and contacts to use.

Whether you are arranging a simple trip that includes air + hotel or an extensive vacation let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions


Because travel advisors are experts in planning and booking vacations, they can create a wonderful itinerary for you in a more time-efficient way than you could on your own. If you enjoy research and planning, you’ll have a professional partner. If you prefer having me handle all the details, that’s fine. Either way, you’ll enjoy quality, customized service.


I have many years of experience in the Travel industry and know the value of connections. I have aligned with both Virtuoso and Travel Edge, the best names in the Travel business. When traveling not every choice is one–size-fits-all.


A travel advisor has access to the same offers available online, and can secure VIP benefits, amenities, access, and extras that you can’t get on your own. To quote Warren Buffet, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” We work on your behalf before, during, and after every vacation.


Like a valued investment manager, Virtuoso travel advisors are entrusted with managing the most precious of assets – a client’s leisure time. Working with an expert who knows a client’s preferences and the best options for the desired vacation eliminates risk and results in exceptional experiences.

This is different for everybody but generally: Authentic experiences that enrich travelers’ lives, such as taking part in a cultural tradition. An itinerary tailored to the needs and wants of the traveler. VIP access to unique experiences and historical sites.

Travel agents are order-takers who perform transactions that their customers request. They book a hotel, flight or rental car, much like the sort of simple bookings people handle themselves online. Professional travel advisors provide expert counsel to clients. They consider people’s leisure time their most precious resource and take a long-term view of planning for a lifetime of travel experiences. It’s just like people going to a financial advisor for help investing another precious resource – their money. A Travel Advisor is with you from the beginning of planning until you return home. A Travel Advisor offers peace of mind.

As with any other professional service there is a fee charged for my expertise and time.  If you consider travel as an investment in your leisure time and life then you will find tremendous value in working with the professional services of Custom Vacations by Veronica.  Fees ensure our commitment to designing the best experiences for your particular goals. Clients receive the value of my time, knowledge, expertise, worldwide contacts, and exclusive access they simply cannot get on their own. 

Fees begin at $50 for a domestic trip or a specific itinerary for two or $75 for an international trip. A fee for a group of 3 or more travelers begins at $100. These fees include a comprehensive consultation, an assessment and cost analysis and representation on your behalf to suppliers.

Passports- All passports must be valid for six months past the date of your return from any planned trip. Please consult the US State department on travel to your destination to see if there are restrictions or additional documents required.

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Hear from previous clients...

“Ronnie was amazing. She was thorough and professional. She was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to our questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Ronnie to anyone looking to plan a vacation near or far. I will definitely work with Ronnie again for my travel needs.”


24 Dec 2019

“Veronica planned our trip just weeks before our departure, was extremely helpful with confusing flights and sent us such helpful hints and papers that we'd have never had if we planned it ourselves. She took all the stress out of it for us! Highly recommend!”

Erika & Tom

8 Feb 2020

“Everything was great every step of the way. Veronica was fantastic from planning to following up. Because of Veronica the GM of the Westin reached out to us to make sure our stay was enjoyable.”


16 Nov 2019

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